Daniel Cuadrado

Daniel Cuadrado is a London based photographer. 

Photography has been ever present in his life since an early age, influenced by his father and childhood lifestyle. His interest in photography blossomed when some of his photos were published in his school magazine.

Skate boarding and shooting with his life-long friends around Tarragona, his home town, and Barcelona further molded his creativity and vision into what we can see today. The easy going life and drive to experiment lead him to pursue further education in Photography in the UK- studying BTEC Photography at Blackpool and The Fylde College and a Bachelor's in London.

Special thanks and acknowledgments are due to Juan Palomino Studio and Mariana Custodio for opening the doors to Fashion editorials, as well as Rolls-Royce H.R. Owen for trusting a shameless man and endorsing him with other luxury car companies.


Rolls-Royce H.R. Owen, Bugatti H.R. Owen, H.R. Owen VIP Services, GT Magazine, Mercedes-Benz Spain,  Juan Palomino Studio, Wear the Walk, Merrill+Forbes.